Hector Olivera

HECTOR OLIVERA is a passionate, gifted, and unique musician, whose personal interpretations of both classical and popular music have amazed and delighted audiences around the world. Although he is most famous for his prodigious technical proficiency, Mr. Olivera’s amazing effect on audiences has made many of the most sophisticated and demanding organ aficionados claim that he is one of the greatest organists in the world today. Born in Buenos Aires, his first teacher (who was his father) encouraged him to begin playing the pipe organ when he was three. Two years later, he was appointed organist of the Church of the Immaculate Conception. At six, he entered the Buenos Aires Conservatory to study harmony, counterpoint, and fugue. He entered the University of Buenos Aires when he was 12, where he studied with Hector Zeoli and Juan Francisco Giacobbe. By 18, he had performed more than 300 concerts throughout Latin America, appearing frequently on Argentinean radio and television.

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During this time, he also served for three years as the senior improvisational accompanist for the Collegium Musicum in Buenos Aires, vastly increasing his prodigious improvisational talent. Inspired by his love for the French pipe organ Mr. Olivera recently designed a new touring organ. The impressive four-manual “Rodgers Trillium Masterpiece,” complete with two 1000 lb. speakers was custom built by Rodgers Organs in Hillsboro, Oregon. He continues to thrill audiences with both solo classical literature and his own orchestral transcriptions, now released on DVD and more than 20 classical, contemporary, and film score CDs. 2013 was Maestro Olivera’s eighth inspirational appearance at the Newport Music Festival. He performs on the Rogers Custom Organ and Roland Atelier AT-900.